Georgie Fame - The Whole Worlds Shaking (2015)

Georgie Fame - The Whole Worlds Shaking (2015)

Style: 2015 ALBUMS / Pop
Year: 2015
Format: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps
Size: 690 MB


01. Night Train (mono)
02. Let The Good Times Roll (mono)
03. Do The Dog (mono)
04. Eso Beso (mono)
05. Work Song (mono)
06. Parchman Farm (mono)
07. You Can’t Sit Down (mono)
08. Humpty Dumpty (mono)
09. Shop Around (mono)
10. Baby, Please Don’t Go (mono)
11. Parker’s Mood (mono)
12. Money (That’s What I Want) (mono)
13. Molasses (stereo)
14. Night Train (BBC 03-19-64) (stereo)
15. Bright Lights, Big City (BBC 03-19-64) (stereo)
16. Walking The Dog (BBC 03-19-64) (stereo)
17. Do-Re-Mi (BBC 03-19-64) (stereo)
18. Let The Sunshine In (BBC 03-19-64) (stereo)
19. You’re Breaking My Heart (BBC 03-19-64) (stereo)
20. Sister Sadie (mono)
21. Pig Foots (mono)
22. Funky Mama (mono)
23. Signifying Monkey (mono)

01. Get On The Right Track Baby (stereo)
02. Let The Sunshine In (stereo)
03. The Monkey Time (stereo)
04. All About My Girl (stereo)
05. Point Of No Return (stereo)
06. Gimme That Wine (stereo)
07. Pink Champagne (stereo)
08. Monkeying Around (stereo)
09. Pride And Joy (stereo)
10. Green Onions (stereo)
11. I Love The Life I Live (stereo)
12. I’m In The Mood For Love (Moody’s Mood For Love) (stereo)
13. Do-Re-Mi (mono)
14. I’m In Love With You (mono)
15. Bend A Little (mono)
16. Madness (stereo)
17. Tom Hark Goes Blue Beat (stereo)
18. Humpty Dumpty (stereo)
19. One Whole Year, Baby (stereo)
20. Yeh, Yeh (stereo)
21. Preach And Teach (stereo)

01. Sweet Thing (mono)
02. See Saw (mono)
03. Ride Your Pony (mono)
04. Funny How Time Slips Away (mono)
05. Sitting In The Park (mono)
06. Dr. Kitch (mono)
07. My Girl (mono)
08. Music Talk (mono)
09. The In Crowd (mono)
10. The World Is Round (mono)
11. The Whole World’s Shaking (mono)
12. Last Night (mono)
13. In The Meantime (mono)
14. Telegram (mono)
15. No No (The River) (stereo)
16. Blue Monday (stereo)
17. So Long (stereo)
18. Sick And Tired (stereo)
19. Like We Used To Be (mono)
20. It Ain’t Right (stereo)
21. Something (mono)

01. Many Happy Returns (mono)
02. Down For The Count (mono)
03. It’s For Love The Petals Fall (mono)
04. I Am Missing You (mono)
05. Funny How Time Slips Away (mono)
06. Lil’ Pony (mono)
07. Lovey Dovey (mono)
08. Lil’ Darlin’ (mono)
09. Three Blind Mice (mono)
10. Dawn Yawn (mono)
11. Feed Me (mono)
12. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag (mono)
13. Outrage (mono)
14. Move It On Over (stereo)
15. Walking The Dog (stereo)
16. High Heel Sneakers (stereo)
17. Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu (stereo)
18. Get Away (mono)
19. El Bandido (mono)
20. Sunny (mono)
21. Don’t Make Promises (mono)

01. Money (That’s What I Want) (demo) (mono)
02. Let The Sunshine In (demo) (mono)
03. Lonely Avenue (demo) (mono)
04. You’re Driving Me Crazy (demo) (mono)
05. Kidney Stew (demo) (mono)
06. Moanin’ (mono)
07. Gimme That Wine (alt) (mono)
08. Bend A Little (inst) (stereo)
09. Saturday Night Fish Fry (stereo)
10. Lil’ Darlin’ (alt) (stereo)
11. You’re Drving Me Crazy (mono)
12. Soul Stomp (stereo)
13. This Is Always (stereo)
14. Jelly Jelly (mono)
15. Black Head Chinaman (stereo)
16. Incense (mono)
17. Tan Tan’s Tune (mono)
18. Red Number Nine (stereo)
19. Humpty Dumpty (German version) (stereo)
20. Yeh, Yeh (German version) (stereo)

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Georgie Fame - The Whole Worlds Shaking (2015)

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